Affinity’s management is involved with another developer Ashton Gray as a Fee Developer on the design and construction of 2,111 single family lots located on 900 acres in Angleton Texas. Affinity’s responsibilities will be to work with the management of Ashton Gray and Angleton City officials and the Civil Engineering group with the layout design of all infrastructure. Affinity’s other responsibilities will be to oversee the completion of all wet and dry utilities infrastructure construction. Ashland is a potential investment property that Affinity may participate in either purchasing raw land to design and construct into finished lots or to purchase finished lots to sell or to build upon.

Please see the Land Plan for the Ashland project on the following page. 

Yanni Palms

Yanni Palms development will provide revenue from 362 lots starting at $72,000 per lot.

Yanni Palms layout was designed by Barry Hill  (JJ Development) and a local engineering firm and approved by the City Council of Manvel Texas.

Yanni Palms is a two Phase project; Phase 1 is a 67 acre parcel designed for 212 single family lots, phase 2 is a 57 acre parcel designed for 150 single family lots. JJ Development has completed all the wet and dry utility construction(water, drainage, and sewer, electric and gas) of Phase 1. There are 212 finished lots for immediate sale to local and national house builders. Several house builders are inquiring on the purchasing of the first 212 lots..

Phase 2 a 57 acre parcel is designed for 150 lots that needs the wet and dry infrastructure completed and the paving of the roads. Contracts to purchase lots will be taken from the builders on Phase 1.

Kincade Trails Layout Design

Kincade has a 120 lot layout design for development of the first 48 acres. We are pursuing other contiguous landowner for their response to our contracts to purchase.  A layout design is on the following page.

Whispering Winds Survey

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